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Guangzhou down on 'fake hotel'

Date: 2018-08-11

Recently, the guangzhou panyu district market regulator environmental enforcement personnel individual hotel near high iron to guangzhou south station in the website platform to release the circumstance of false name or address.

Nearly period reflect consumers, a book hotel near guangzhou high-speed rail station, met a false name, false address.South railway station near Wall Street's WeiChong village, village of continents such as urban villages there are a lot of hotel platform release false information, then soliciting the phenomenon of its own.

Dependency on August 1st, guangzhou south railway station is located in panyu district market supervision bureau joint district public security bureau for a total of 261 hotels around guangzhou south station, rental business operators to carry out the rectification of the laws and regulations stable cross work meeting, called for an immediate change, logoff issued false hotel information on the network platform.On August 2, the agency with the guangzhou tourism administration joint law enforcement inspection operations.Inspection found that the individual hotel is using the flying pigs, elong, ctrip and Meituan network platform to release hotel information false advertising to attract tourists, guangzhou panyu district market supervision bureau immediately urged immediate rectification litigation-related hotel, under the frame of false hotel information on the network platform.At present, the hotel has been involving lawsuit seizure, the public security department related hotel information on the network platform has all the shelves.

It is reported that guangzhou high-speed rail station organized to carry out the "shanzhai" hotel rectification action.Since April, a total of 320 HuCi, check the Internet related business establishment 555 HuCi, issued a rectification notice of 40, 29, guide the operator to obtain business licenses of the change of business scope of 19, initiate an investigation four.

Next, it will further strengthen the department linkage, regulation force.At the same time, increase network search frequency, and focus on patrol in guangzhou south station around the hotel network information, timely will involve in the travel network platform to release false information in clues over to regulators, not to leave any living space "shanzhai hotel".