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The next two years in guangzhou will have ten new five-star hotel in the market

Date: 2018-02-23

    Although the national five-star hotel opening speed limit has fallen, the overall hotel industry is not optimistic, but the momentum of guangdong similar hotel open their doors, recently from guangzhou lingnan Oriental spa business investment source of blue mountains and long lung panda hotel launched, the national industry attention.According to the various enterprises investment progress, the next two years, guangzhou will have ten new five-star hotel project in the market in succession, guangdong star hotel project is up to more than 50 a.
    New star hotel also stimulate the market changes, the original old star hotel through continuous upgrading, hope can keep a seat in the competition.The personage inside course of study analysis, in the business of domestic demand and mass tourism has been a steady rise in consumption environment, the guangdong hotel industry demand will continue to heat up, drive the tourism hotel industry usher in a new round of prosperity.