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2015 China (guangzhou) international documentary film festival!

Date: 2015-12-16

SMW reporter YanLiang on December 8, by the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television and the people's government of guangdong province 2015 China (guangzhou) international documentary film festival sponsored by the library, which officially opened in guangzhou.State general administration of press and publication, radio and television group members and deputy director of the tian jin, guangdong provincial party committee standing committee, minister of the propaganda department ShenHaiXiong, vice governor of guangdong province WenGuoHui, such as deputy secretary of the guangzhou municipal party committee, mayor Chen jh to attend.The 2015 China (guangzhou) international documentary film festival, the second day of the busy many, and the communication between the guest and more frequent.In the opening ceremony of the yesterday morning, also show guangzhou pragmatic, leadership after the speech, then play the documentary "the sun is hot".The director Mr Yang also made a brief communication with the audience at the scene.At the same time, the organizers also released "Marine silk road" special project solicitation planning.
The sun bright: record the moment the hottest Internet startup
"Sun bright" is a documentary film about contemporary Chinese Internet startup, tells a story of China's "silicon valley", taken four small people together for Internet startup process.
Will choose the sun bright at the opening ceremony, first, because it with guangzhou international documentary film festival origin, can be said to be the guangzhou international documentary film festival led to the birth of the documentary.Director Mr Yang in 2013 in guangzhou international documentary film festival of "records of the road -- - documentary master class" training, in 2014 by the sun bright documentary proposals to attend guangzhou international documentary film festival opens to booking a link, China (guangzhou) international documentary film festival opens to booking a plan "the" most international sales potential.
Second is because the sun bright record Internet startup story is nowadays China's hottest a keyword, countless people were in it.This is the most important reason for it in focus.
"If you want to speak good Chinese story, I'd like to offer you some clues, summarized as" four Chinese."At the opening ceremony, deputy director of state general administration of press and publication, radio and television field into, first is the Chinese dream, big step forward in China, is a vibrant "dreamworks";Followed by the Chinese, especially those of ordinary and industrious, ordinary and the great Chinese people;The third is the Chinese culture, from the Chinese excellent traditional culture to find wisdom and resources;Is China's last minute changes, the documentary is itself to "change" thinking and present.
Good: Asia similar documentary section number first
In addition to the sun bright, the excellent films and many of the international documentary film festival.Included in this year, according to the statistics show that the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, Israel, New Zealand, Japan and other 88 countries and regions of 3612 units/sets work involved in assessment, films, documentaries, shops and plan to booking, refresh the last record of 85 countries, 3054 / set, keep Asia similar documentary section number first.
2264 / set film to participate in the "golden" in directing red assessment unit, eventually there are 51 shortlisted for the administrator sig gissler.(including sino-foreign co-production including China), the "third pole", "the Himalayan ladder", "my poems", "Evergrande distraction 9 (7) class", "the road" porcelain "works, such as" half the town outside of Germany, the medical ship in Australia, South Korea's like "the wind of the moon landing.
The judges for this year's film the overall quality of gave high evaluation.Judges said, the work has focused on the grand background of historical themes, not only has focused on the beauty of a special group, reflects the positive values of sino-foreign joint.Shortlisted for the material and production team presented the characteristics of diversification, reflect guangzhou documentary section consistent with her geography culture environment of inclusive and pragmatic temperament."Red gold" in directing the end result will be announced at the closing ceremony on December 10.
Documentary support: guangdong local outstanding documentaries
In addition, the opening ceremony also released a "maritime silk road" special project solicitation planning.2016 China (guangzhou) international documentary film festival will be around the theme "neighbourhood" all the way to carry out the series of activities, to the countries and regions along the "area" public solicitation with "One Belt And One Road" as the theme of the documentary for assessment, and in the "golden" red added in the assessment system for best documentary "Marine silk road" honors.At the same time, combined with documentary films and the contents of the professional communication and copyright trade, further deepening the theme.
Yesterday morning, in the hall 2 of guangzhou library, also held a conference "in 2016 the south documentary the key support project".As the documentary section the main part of the day "in guangdong, southern school documentary key support project will be divided into" good south sent documentary "and" to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the anti-fascist war outstanding works "two eligible categories," series ", "long", "short" and "documentary" and so on four types of the contestant.
After strict selection, in yesterday's conference, the organizers issued in 2016 filming of a documentary on broadcast or key support projects, including: symphony of the silk road: the sand and the sea, the beautiful west, "compendium of Chinese", "20 blindly of guangdong", "one thousand guest rhyme" and "perception of guangdong" in the second quarter -- "retrace south guangdong sea silk road" documentary series.In the afternoon, the organizers also held a great southern school documentary merit exchange and lecture topic.