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Guangzhou funded 54800 disabled people attend primary endowment insurance

Date: 2015-12-16

SMW reporter lyla correspondent yancy 2015 guangzhou huacheng "" love with assistive service week has started.From July 1 this year, guangzhou through the public finances, started funding the city household register to attend primary endowment insurance for the disabled.Expected in the city a total of 5. 480000 disabled people benefit, fund strength, the coverage of more than the previous relevant support policy in guangzhou.
Guangzhou funding mainly for the disabled to participate in the urban and rural residents and town worker is basic endowment insurance, grant points 110 yuan and 337 yuan per person, per month, the largest funding for months to 180 months, mainly for accumulative total capture expends fixed number of year and failed to receive pension by the month treatment of disabled people.After policy implementation, urban and rural residents endowment insurance ginseng protect people with disabilities, pension can be gotten after reach the prescribed standard from now there will be a big boost;Town worker endowment insurance ginseng protect people with disabilities, is expected to reach the prescribed after all pensioners, realizing a complete coverage of basic endowment insurance for people with disabilities.
In assistive service during the week, guangzhou acquired electric appliance and the disabled person welfare foundation in guangzhou on December 15 to 16 in acquired and the new city xinda host the huimin activities each big stores, customers with disability to acquired new stores and xinda electrical shop to buy household electrical appliances, can enjoy special discount (except specified goods and brand).