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Guangzhou railway passenger travel will put on extra to stand aside to sell tickets 16, 241

Date: 2015-12-16

SMW reporter Chen bo intern first The correspondent liu wei Li Lei waves yesterday, guangzhou railway group release information: passenger travel arrangements put on extra 241 to 2016, the sd bus 159, bus tickets on December 16, the extra step aside.
Guangzhou railway group during the 2016 Spring Festival passenger extra 241, mainly to chongqing, wuhan, nanchang, hunan, such as mound and direction.On December 16, bus tickets all stations will be published on the Internet up extra time foreign ticket sales.SMW reporter statistics, which is expected before the Spring Festival passenger car 73 extra originating from guangzhou to, mainly to the direction of hunan, chongqing, mainly from the station to guangzhou station, guangzhou east station.
Relevant personage introduces guangzhou railway, chengdu-chongqing direction has always been the pearl river delta region of Spring Festival transportation capacity bottlenecks.Spring Festival in 2016, guangzhou railway arrangement to the direction of the chengdu-chongqing expressway passenger cars to 40, rose 5 pairs, and the pearl river delta region for the first time in the history of Spring Festival transportation dispatching the bullet train to chongqing direction, south guangzhou to chengdu east extra bullet train G 314/1 312/3 G, 2 G 1316/7 G 1318/5 times of G, shenzhen north to chongqing north emu train 1312/3 G 1 for 1314/1 time, at the same time, the south and jingguang railway respectively arrange your operation 49 and 41 for passenger cars, year-on-year increase 18 to 23 pairs, respectively, the growth rate reached 88% and 88% respectively.
As of December 13, guangzhou railway group sold during the Spring Festival (January 24 solstice) on February 10, nearly 5 million tickets, an increase of 15.4%.On the sd bus first guangzhou to shanghai-nanjing hangzhou, nanchang, fuzhou, xiamen, shenzhen shanghai-nanjing hangzhou direction, the dongguan over the northeast direction and tickets;High-speed emu, the guangdong area before the shanghai-nanjing hangzhou direction still more votes, January 29 in shenzhen north to fuzhou, xiamen and a few more votes.Railway departments, said by some new uncertain factors, such as opening and the construction of the line, there is still part of the passenger ticket is not sale, the sale time announcement of the passengers in a timely manner, please pay attention to the railway department.
In addition, according to the network open to booking period, on December 15th to 18th booking of 15th February 12 solstice (annual fifth annual 8) peak return ticket, need to buy tickets of passengers, please purchase in time.