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"Culture" in guangzhou next year "international fan"

Date: 2015-12-16

SMW reporter QiuPing internship zodiac junwei Next year is the 400th anniversary of the death of tang xianzu and Shakespeare, the giants of the drama will be held in guangzhou "the year of 2016, tang xianzu Shakespeare".At the appointed time, masters of drama from Britain, Russia and other countries will be there with the merchant of Venice, "romeo and Juliet" and so on more than Shakespeare's famous in guangzhou.Guangzhou drama center will also be new row four master works devoted to the audience.
Up the guangzhou show in June next year even
"The year of 2016, tang xianzu Shakespeare," main body activity, has the good even.Next year, according to, deputy general manager of guangzhou grand theatre He Ying June 3-6, guangzhou grand theater will stage tang xianzu theatrical masterpieces "linchuan four dreams" (" the peony pavilion ", "purple hair pin down", "handan ji", "southern"), granted by kunqu opera master Yu Zhenfei close, then the disciple to deduce.In September, the world famous Shakespeare's globe theatre ear interpretation of Shakespeare in the future one of the most well-known works of the merchant of Venice.On November 12-13, another masterpiece of Shakespeare's "romeo and Juliet" will be by Russian famous mariinsky ballet theatre to spike."Shakespeare's globe theatre stage Settings closer to real situation of the Victorian era, such as, let the audience experience the authentic stage" He Ying said.
To the problem of citizens concerned about fares He Ying response, "guangzhou grand theatre zero allowance, will consider the market and cost."
With drama "grafting" two masters
In addition to outside please famous masters, guangzhou drama art center is innovation.
The chairman of guangzhou drama center crier Di introduction, guangzhou drama art center will launch their line of Shakespeare's the merchant of Venice, Macbeth, tang xianzu's "handan ji" and so on, together with the Hong Kong drama group, Japan suzuki tadashi theater troupe, belarus together in guangzhou 13 classics o. theatre."The works of tang xianzu multi-purpose kunqu play before, we want to made an attempt to play in this time. We have the idea" handan ji "and" Macbeth "grafting together, but have until 2017 to row out."
"Please show tickets will be more expensive, but will not exceed 250 yuan, some events can also play 7 fold," crier Di disclosed.
November will be "street theater"
Next November in guangzhou university theater festival will also with "memory of tang xianzu and Shakespeare's" as the theme, the competing repertoire in the two themes of the world the art works of the masters that drama college drama club, the amateur enthusiasts are involved.At the same time there will be "Yang cheng school", "fu guang new threads" and other social science popularization lecture, at the appointed time will also invite famous, director at art exchange activities such as theatre hall, theater workshop.
Why want to do masters of English and Chinese culture year in guangzhou
In 1616 AD, have special significance in the cultural history in a year, the European Renaissance period the great playwright Shakespeare died in the town of Stratford, in the same year in the far east (44 years Ming wanli), China's greatest playwright tang xianzu in Ming dynasty died in jiangxi linchuan, east and west two cultural giant has died, but one hundred days apart.Tang xianzu is no origin with guangzhou, guangzhou why held "the year of 2016, tang xianzu Shakespeare,"?
According to municipal party committee propaganda department imm Wen Yichu hai-tao xie, xi jinping, general secretary of the year during his state visit to the UK, China and Britain will jointly commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare and tang xianzu death.Guangzhou main leaders think guangzhou as an international metropolis should have more clout in international observance, in terms of cultural construction, should be more international perspective.