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The weather in guangzhou is: 12-13, 14 sunny dry mist Note that warm warm

Date: 2018-02-13

A, the weather

Yesterday night cold air arrived in zhuhai, affected by the zhuhai today between cloudy cloudy, wind up to 4 ~ 5 levels, and this morning, the city district lowest temperature is between 10 ~ 13 ℃, compared with 10, 1 ~ 2 ℃.

10 to 11, 16, 20 five mountain observatory recorded rainfall, air temperature between 11.6 ~ 17.5 ℃, relative humidity, 38-69%, 10 ~ 18 km visibility.

Currently conghua district forest fire orange, the rest of the regional forest fire danger yellow warning is in effect.

Second, the weather forecast

Expect the next two days the city continue to affected by cold air, the temperature will drop slightly.12-13, the weather clears, cold in the morning and evening, northern mountainous area of ice frozen (cream), 14, cloud cover, a mist in the morning and evening.At present our city cloudy to sunny.Peak is expected to work this morning, cloudy to sunny in guangzhou city, the air temperature is 10 to 12 ℃;Other districts in guangzhou cloudy to sunny, 9 to 13 ℃, blowing slight northeaster.The weather had no adverse effect on the traffic, please pay attention to traffic safety.The evening rush hour is expected today, and guangzhou city fine between cloudy, the temperature of 14 to 16 ℃;Other districts in guangzhou fine between cloudy, 12 to 16 ℃, blowing slight northeaster.

Specific forecast is as follows:

On February 12th: sunny to cloudy;

On February 13th: fine between cloudy;

On February 14: cloudy, local have light rain, morning and evening mist.

Three, attention and Suggestions

1, big temperature difference between day and night, morning and evening cold, warm should pay attention to keep warm.

2, the weather is dry, pay attention to forest fire prevention and household use of fire safety.

3, rain (fog) when visibility is low, please pay attention to traffic safety.