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Japanese prime minister, is expected to outbreak will not affect the Tokyo Olympic Games

Date: 2020-02-04

The Tokyo Olympic Games plans to open on July 24.

Japan, said on Monday, Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe will make use of international sporting events to promote the development of its tourism industry.An opposition lawmakers to Abe asked questions about the recent outbreak, Abe said there was no concern."We will make appropriate response," Abe said in Japanese, "at the same time close cooperation with the world health organization and other international organizations, and can keep on without affecting the Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympic games continue to work."

So far, Japan has not reported any deaths.

The Tokyo Olympic Games will be opened on July 24.

Tokyo Olympic Games organizing committee and the international Olympic committee (ioc), said not to cancel or postpone the plan of the Olympic Games.Yuriko Koike, the governor (Yurkio Koike) urged people to be vigilant, said if he didn't make the best, there will be "regret".

Said the Olympic minister Mr Hashimoto (Seiko Hashimoto), Tokyo (bocog) and a local municipal authorities representatives will meet next week to discuss the outbreak of the measures.

Because of the war of the 1896 Olympics were canceled, and in 1980 and 1984, subjected to a boycott.In the past few decades, the Olympics has already developed into a billions of dollars worth of events and huge investment from the TV and sponsors.

About 11000 athletes will take part in the Tokyo Olympic Games.Many of them still need to get the qualification, if the virus continues to spread in the territory of China, they may face be cancel or postpone the qualifier.