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Tourist hotel industry 70 change: from the travel agency to OTA consolidation

Date: 2019-09-15

"Remember previous tourist destination is not so much now, mostly swim team, there are very few free line, travel abroad formalities are very complicated.We took the group model is simplified.As the decades passed, now more and more tourist routes and products, personalized consumption and free line also rise, IP hotel and home stay accommodation products are also emerging of rich and colorful."In about 20 years of senior tourism guide esmebaby described to the first financial journalist.

As people income increase and the development of industry, since 70, great changes have taken place in the tourism industry, from simplification to enrichment, from several travel agencies to OTA consolidation, lodging industry from the standardization of the hotel to personalized and intelligent segmentation hotel, tourism hotel industry is rapidly developing and upgrading.

The tourism industry to upgrade

Speak of the past travel, and some of the older consumers favorite memories - big transportation is much less than the now developed decades ago, can go to tourist destination, in the 1950 s, a lot of people wish is to go to the tiananmen square, it is every Chinese's initial dream trip;River, watching flowers jiang jing, horse riding or see songhua river was the way young people love to travel;Swim to the 70 s and 80 s of the last century, the imperial palace and climb the Great Wall as a boom, with the green train become open a trip generation of memory;In the 1990 s, tourist destination and the scenic area began to diversification, outbound travel products are enriched;Now free line, high-speed rail travel, tour, and even customized travel products.

Public data shows, from 1952 to 2018, the added value of our country tertiary industry (services) from 19.5 billion yuan to expand to 46.9575 trillion yuan, on a constant basis, average annual growth rate of 8.4%, higher than the gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate 0.3%.

As an economic industry positioning is fully approved in 1998, the central economic work conference, clearly put forward the tourism as a new growth point of national economy, truly realized the tourism from diplomacy to the transition of the economic industry positioning.By 2001, "the notice on further speed up the development of tourism in puts forward to building up the idea that the big tourism marking the tourism from the economic industry positioning and rise to comprehensive industry.

Combing public information can be seen, to 2017, the national tourism comprehensive contribution to GDP is 9.13 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.04% of GDP.In 2017, the brigade and related industry, sports industry added value reached 7.1932 trillion yuan, 781.1 billion yuan, an increase of 12.8% over the previous year (not after deducting price factors, the same), 20.6%, the proportion of GDP reached 8.76%, 0.95% respectively.By 2017, the tourism employment of 28.25 million people directly, travel direct and indirect employment of 79.9 million people, accounting for 10.28% of the total population in the national employment.As of 2017, our country has travel agency 27900, more than 30000 scenic spots, including A level scenic area, 10340, including 5 A level 249, 4 A level 3034, world heritage 52, global tourism demonstration area to create units 506, 300 classic red tourism scenic spots.

To strengthen and reveal the cultural confidence and cultural undertakings and cultural industries as a whole development and tourism resource development, improve the national cultural soft power and the influence of Chinese culture, promote cultural undertakings and cultural industries and tourism integration development, integrating the ministry of culture, the national tourism administration duties, formation of culture and tourism, as the composition department of the state council.In March 2018, approved by the people's culture and tourism of the People's Republic of China.

Differentiation and intelligent in the hospitality industry

In jinjiang hotel would be a few decades, is now a colorful hotel consultant agency's chief knowledge officer Zhao Huanyan witnessed the development of China's hotel industry for decades.

"In my memory, after 1949, rectify and reform some old restaurant, actively build a new hotel.Rectify and reform old hotel including Beijing hotel, international hotel, Shanghai tower, tianjin LiShun deda, but hotel, Wu Hanxuan palace hotel, guangzhou flock together building, etc.Impressive including Shanghai peace hotel reopened in 1956.Chinese restaurant in 1978, 137, 15539 rooms, most of them state-owned hotels and guest houses."Zhao Huanyan recalled to the first finance and economics press.

In the 1980 s, a number of foreign hotel companies enter the Chinese market.In February 1984, is managed by intercontinental hotels group of Beijing lido hotel opening, and then formally named Beijing lido holiday inn.And then, the Hilton, marriott, starwood, accor international hoteliers are entering the Chinese market layout.

"In 1984, the national tourism administration in the country is divided into two group of selected 102 hotels to pilot.